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For most people, loan payments make up the bulk of their monthly budget. In the past two years alone, more than half of the homeowners in the country were still paying off home and other property loans. This doesn’t cover the credit card loans, student loans, and personal loans people also hold. Having a loan to pay off is in itself not a problem. What’s problematic is there are still many people who don’t understand how loans work, only to realize the problem once they’ve seen the monthly payment required. This lack of information sorely affects the ordinary borrower’s ability to pay off the loan in time, and with minimum fuss.

Using the correct interest rate

The issue usually lies in the interest rate. One of the biggest financial mistakes any person can make is not reading loan documents thoroughly. Understandably, these documents are complicated, difficult, and definitely filled with jargon. As such, a lot of borrowers take lenders at their word and don’t even bother to read through the fine print. This has resulted in shock due to unexpectedly high interest rates — something that could have been avoided had the borrowers read the contracts before signing. Even if you do read the document the lack of proper understanding of how interest rates work can be a problem. Some borrowers don’t understand how the loan amount and the interest rate can affect the monthly payment required. When getting a loan, the best thing to do is to find an easy to use calculator. An instant rate quote calculator should tell you how much you can expect to pay monthly given the interest rate for your loan.

Using our loan calculator

All you have to do is input three important details: the loan amount, the loan term, and the interest rate. The online calculator will now tell you the amount of your monthly payment, as well as the total interest you are expected to pay. The result will also show the total payment you are to make to pay off the loan completely. With a loan calculator, the numbers are shown in black and white, easy to understand with no room for misunderstandings.

Free Instant Loan Calculator

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