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Bike Loan rates vary from lender to lender, some lenders price according to the age of the Bike some lenders look at the wealth of the applicant. Brokers ink Finance has lending managers available 7 days a week to assess your needs and with over 20 lenders available to choose from, we are sure to organize the best and cheapest option for you. Interest rates are very important and greatly affect your monthly repayment; however they are not your only consideration. Please remember insuring your new ride maybe costly as well. Let us provide you with a Motorbike Finance Quote.


Find the best Motorcycle Loan Interest Rates

Interest Rates
Motorcycle, Bike Loan Great rates Call Today 7am-7pm-7 days a week
Interest Rates vary from lender to lender ours start at  6.65%* Bikers consider a motorcycle a must have item unfortunately most banks see bikes as high risk. The lender we use do not! Subject to lender approval.

Motorcycle Loan Options
chattel mortgage
Motorbike loans are generally spread over a 5 year or 60 month term, with fortnightly or monthly repayments..

Want to Know More
Open 7am-7pm Saturday and Sundays Please feel free to call!
Sometimes it is just easier to ask and have one of our specialist Bike Loan Managers. We are trained to understand which Bike Loan is best for you.

Motorcycle Insurance
Brokers ink Finance and Insurance also offers the cheapest Motorcycle Insurance options. For a competitive insurance quote please call Today!


Finance Options

Brokers ink Finance is a specialist Motorcycle Finance broker. Offering over twenty lenders all with different lending criteria this makes finding the right loan for you easy. We are able to negotiate the best interest rates on your behalf because of the volume of business we provide to these lenders. Call us now 1300 95 17 82 or APPLY ONLINE NOW.


The Best Interest Rates

Motorbike Finance interest rates are going down. Because the RBA is lowering the cash rate you should be able to organise cheaper Bike loans now. Are you having problems getting approved, or for some other reason you are not being offered a lower rate than you where 3 years ago. Please call we will get you sorted.

Free Instant Loan Calculator

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For Your Information: This calculator is provided for your use only and Brokers ink Finance will not use your name or contact details without your consent.

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