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Low Doc Car Loans – Low Doc Vehicle Finance

Low Doc Car Loans are a little-known way (fast becoming popular in Australia) to finance what you want to buy. You can use it to quickly get a buy a company car. Purchase a new vehicle for your business. Please call to discuss the great Low Doc options we have available.


Low Doc Car Loans
Car Loan Interest Rates
While most loans require documentation, low doc loans let you skip the hassle. The lenders rely on you to state income without proof.

Business Car Low Docs
chattel mortgage
Low doc loans are great for you because of this if you’re self-employed, work on-and-off, or have bad credit. We at Brokers Ink Finance advise clients to get low doc loans when you want…a quick and easy loan to save yourself hours of finding, scanning, and mailing income statements, tax returns, and other financial statements.


Van or Camper Van Finance
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Sometimes it is just easier to ask and have one of our specialist trained finance managers answer all your questions. We are trained to understand which Loan is best for your business.

Insurance if you need it
Brokers ink Finance and Insurance also offers the cheapest Car Insurance quotes. For a competitive insurance quote please call Today!


Finance Options

Brokers ink Finance is a specialist Low Doc Car Loan broker. Offering over twenty lenders all with different lending criteria this makes finding the right loan for you easy. We are able to negotiate the best interest rates on your behalf because of the volume of business we provide to these lenders. Call us now 1300 95 1782 orAPPLY ONLINE NOW.


The Best Interest Rates

Car Loan interest rates are going down. Because the RBA is lowering the cash rate you should be able to organise cheaper Car loans now and in the near future. Are you having problems getting approved, or for some other reason you are not being offered a lower rate than you where 3 years ago. Please call we will get you sorted.

Free Instant Low Doc Loan Calculator

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For Your Information: This calculator is provided for your use only and Brokers ink Finance will not use your name or contact details without your consent.

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