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Interest Rates in Australia

As a qualified finance manager I get asked the following question every day. What are your car loans interest rates? The lowest bike loan interest rates for Asset loans (Cars | Boats | Trucks | Equipment | Caravans | Bikes)  in Australia are achieved when the client is in the following situation. Home or asset backed, in other words you own or are purchasing a tangible asset that the bank or lender can see the value in. This maybe a commercial building, shares, cash in an Australian bank or other worthy assets. If you fit into this category and your previous loans where paid on time every time EXPECT a low interest rate!

The next scale of interest rates starts when the applicant fits into the following category. You have minimal assets but have had or are paying off a loan at present. This can go both ways, if your repayment history is good, in other words you’re current or past loan was paid on time every time then you too can EXPECT a lower interest rate. On the other hand if your payments where repeatedly late or slow then expect a slightly higher interest rate.

Finally the last and final rate bracket is this. You are a client with a damaged credit history for whatever reason. This is going to impact on your ability to get approved for a loan. If you are approved for finance it will quite likely be at the higher end of the scale.

Whichever bracket you fall into we want to hear from you! Good finance managers can find the best low interest rates for you because. We deal with all the lenders every day. Absolutely know each and every lenders niche market, for example some lenders value the goods being purchased  more than they do the clients previous lending history, whatever the scenario we have seen it before! For these reasons you need to trust our qualified staff and provide an accurate application.

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The Brokers ink Finance will finance over 5 million dollars worth of motorcycle, jet ski, yacht, caravan, boat loans, camper trailer and car finance and finance this year! Due to this volume and buying power, we can give our clients access to the best bike finance rates and financing products across Australia. Brokers ink Home Finance guarantees satisfaction for all our clients, read more about finance for your new or used purchase now.

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