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Looking for cheap car insurance quotes in Australia? If you need a quick quote or want to compare our rates to the car insurance premium that you are currently paying, you’ve come to the best place to get it.



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Agreed value for your car

Pay monthly or annually – which ever suits you best


What cover do we provide?


Tyre & Wheel

GAP cover (insurance the difference between the value of the asset and the finance amount owed)


Fire & theft

Quick Quote is a quick 12-month comprehensive quote. Want something a little cheaper than full insurance cover? Then start with our cheapest cover and create a policy that best meets your needs, choose your policy carefully don’t pay for cover you don’t need.


How do I buy car insurance?

Free call 1300 95 17 82 It’s for 12-months comprehensive car insurance at a discounted annual price.

Choose comprehensive car insurance or tailor your own policy for a cheaper quote. Control the price by choosing what you want to insure your car for (we do agreed value) and choose your excess. See instantly how your choices impact your price. Choose a payment option that suits you.

Car Repair Loans – Financing Your Automotive Repairs

If you own a newer vehicle, you know how expensive the repair costs can be, and how quickly they add up. Cars these days are becoming more and more technologically advanced, and require more expertise when it comes to repairing them. With this comes a steeper repair bill, as the costs for the labor and parts are going to be higher. Luckily you can buy yourself some time, and save your wallet from the shock by pursuing Car Repair Loans.

A car repair loan is going to work just like any other type of personal loan. In this case, the amount you apply for will be for the cost of the repair on your car or truck. Be careful not to apply for more than you need, as personal loans like these often come with a pretty high interest rate. After you have been approved and have the money in hand, you will pay your repair bill just like you would with your own money.

There are a couple of different options when you want to finance your car repairs.

Your first option is going to be your personal bank. I would always try them first, as they are familiar with you and your financial situation. You can also sometimes receive a better rate from a lending institution that you have a history with.

Another option you should look into for a car finance repair loan is a lender that specializes in loans for auto repair. These lenders are very familiar with the auto repair industry, and can provide you with all the assistance you need to get your car back on the road. When you are looking into these type of lenders, look for the companies that are asset based lenders. Asset based lenders can usually approve a much higher percentage of applicants simply because they don’t use your credit and payment history as their only criteria for lending. This is especially helpful if you are someone with less than desirable credit looking for a loan.

A car repair loan has the ability to really help out someone who is strapped for cash. Especially in these tough economic times, it’s important to manage our money with extreme care. Borrowing any amount of money is a big decision, so take your time, and find the right lender for you.

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