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When boilermaker Nicholas Julian was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 16 years ago, he knew that he would eventually have to switch to a less physically demanding job. After doing some research he decided that mortgage broking could provide him with the income and lifestyle he desired. The first firm he worked for offered its employees minimal training, according to Nicholas, and failed to nurture its new recruits. Nicholas says he was fortunate enough to find a mentor who “knew everything” and was willing to share his knowledge. “He taught me sales, how to close a deal and how to write my ads,” he says.

Financial Industry ArticlesAfter working as a mortgage broker for about two years, he decided to make the jump and go it alone. Nicholas is now beginning to reap the rewards, but says establishing his own business was “a steep and expensive learning curve”. “I probably wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t have a bit of backing behind me in terms of captial,” he says. This allowed Nicholas to persevere and his determination has paid off. His Western Australian business Brokers Ink finance is now flourishing; he has doubled his income every month for the past six months and no longer has to advertise.

Most of his focus now rests on generating new business. “To make a good living I have to settle $2m a month and I can do that in a couple of days…if I was happy with $2m I’d be semi-retired,” Nicholas says. However, he says having money behind you is not enough to succeed, but having good principles is vital. He is now searching for his first employee, and says he will be placing much more importance on training than the mortgage firm he first worked for. He has also decided to ease the financial pressure of his staff by allowing commission to be paid fortnightly, in advance. “So long as it settles I don’t mind paying them…it’s something different that gets brokers interested in getting on board.”

Nicholas has no regrets about his career change. The job is not physically taxing, but at times it is stressful, owing to the pressure he puts on himself to succeed. “My biggest stress is moderating what I want to achieve. I really shouldn’t have any stress.” he says.

Ultimately thought, the life of a mortgage broker is a good one, according to Nicholas, and he wouldn’t go back to boiler making for anything. “There’s no comparison. You’re at work at 6am if your a boiler maker,” he laughs.

ARTICLE SUPPLIED BY: MPA (Mortgage Professional Australia issue 7.8)


Why use a mortgage broker?

Posted on 21. Sep,2011 by admin.

Searching for the perfect home loan? If you want to get the best deal, then you might think about using a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker helps borrowers secure home loans quickly and find the best deal for the particular situation of the individuals involved. A mortgage broker is essentially a finance industry worker who can act independently or in connection with a lender. They can help you to access special deals and better financing offers you might not be able to secure if you organise your loan for yourself. The broker will usually have a relationship with one or more lenders, helping to secure you better deals, interest rates and lower fees.

Your home loan is really important – it is likely to be one of the largest debts you will have in your lifetime. Buying a home is important for your personal and financial security, which makes getting the loan right a crucial part of the purchase. When you use a mortgage broker you not only have access to a better deal, you will also have someone who will save you time and take the stress out of securing a home loan. The mortgage broker can answer questions for you and do a lot of the hard work on your behalf.

You should consider using a mortgage broker if you wish to gain access to an industry insider with a vast knowledge of the market and the expertise to help you secure a loan that best suits your particular circumstances. A mortgage broker can advise you on your options and help you identify which lenders are best suited for your particular needs. They can also save you time and stress by steering you away from lenders who are likely to overlook someone in your particular circumstances.

If completing a pile of paperwork to find the perfect loan is overwhelming – then the broker can help manage this side of the mortgage process for you. A good mortgage broker can take the headaches out of securing a mortgage, assisting with handling the paperwork and saving you time. You should also consider using a mortgage broker if you wish to reduce the expense and possibly the interest rate you need to pay for your home loan or home refinance loan. The reason for this is that they are will have access to options that are not available to the general public. Using a mortgage broker means you get access to an exclusive package that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, which can work out very well for you as a borrower.

Hiring a mortgage broker will mean access to lower application fees and interest rates – which is ideal whether you are taking out your first mortgage or refinancing for a better deal on your existing home loan. Since many of the deals a mortgage broker can offer aren’t available if you deal directly with the lenders, you should give serious consideration to using a broker.


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