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Brokers ink – Loan Options in Brisbane Queensland

Brokers ink finance provides customers a wide variety of Brisbane Car Loans. We offer some of the best and cheapest business motor vehicle finance in Queensland, which cover both used and new cars. Additionally, we also offer our customers the chance to purchase their ideal car using a chattel mortage agreement. This is ideal for those who do not currently have the money to purchase the car that they want. Our company also offers the option of buying privately or by leasing a car. Car leasing is ideal for those who can not afford to purchase a car that they want outright. Leasing allows customers to purchase the car they want and pay smaller, monthly instalments.


Our Loans and Rates

As we are accredited with more than thirty banks and with other lending organisations across the country, we offer a great range of finance options to suit the needs of our customers. Our rates vary depending on the type of loan that the customer requires. We do, however, offer some of the best interest rates for our customers. Customers can use our interest rate quote form to calculate the interest on their particular loan, and they can


Purchasing a car is an important decision.

You need to ensure that the car fits in with your lifestyle, meets all of your needs, and that it suits your budget. Your budget is one of the most important determining factors when purchasing a car. You need to know how you are going to finance the car that you hope to purchase. If you are looking for Brisbane car loans , there are a number of financing options available to you, which make purchasing a car less stressful.

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