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Boat Terms

Boat Loans And Boat Finance

Expect these question when you are looking to finance your next boat loan.Does the boat finance company suit your criteria to approve the finance.

It can be a requirement of the boat finance company to have fully comprehensive insurance on your boat before purchase and while you pay off your boat loan.

Encumbrance checks to ensure that there are not any outstanding loans from the prior owner left against the boat.

Title check or confirming the ownership of the boat you are purchasing.

Clear transfer to seller of the amount financed on the boat purchase.

On-road costs and taxes.

Loan protection for death, disability and unemployment.

Older boats can be ok. Boat finance can apply for all ages new and used depending on the boat loan lender.

Finance structures can be flexible to suit your circumstance.

Interest only payment options including balloon payments.

Construction boat loansThere are many marine finance options available for imported boats.

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