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Buying a New Bike | Bike Loan Rates

Once you have been pre-qualified for your Bike loans, then you can start new Bike interest rate shopping. Shop at several Bike stores and compare prices. Once you have found one that you like, then take down all information on the Bike such as the year, make, model, miles, engine and price. You also want to do the same with the trailer. You have to remember you may have to have a trailer your Bike if you a buying for off road use. You will need to know the year, make, model, length, steps, carrier and tires on the trailer as this will be a part of the loan. The accessories on the Bike make a difference with the loan. A Bike is just like a car. The more accessories, then the more the cost, but the accessories also adds value to the Bike. Write down each and every accessory.
Does your New Bikes fit the bill?
Take the information that you have written down of the new Bikes that you like home and start doing a research on them. Study them so you familiarize yourself with some of the terms and meanings. You can see how much difference the models vary in price when you can research and study each of the Bikes features. Compare the make and model along with the accessories of the Bike. This will allow you to see if the bank will approve the Bike that you like and give you a good interest rate. If the Bike doesn’t come close to the appraisal research, then you will know not to purchase that Bike, then just move on to the next Bike on your list. The objective is to get the best Bike Loan Interest Rate that also is approved for your Bike loan. No lender will loan money for a Bike if it doesn’t stand up to the appraisal price.

Warranty on Private Used Bike Sales and Used Bike Rates

It is possible to get a warranty on a Bike with private Bike sales. If the current owner that is selling a Bike has a newer Bike and is trying to sell the Bike, then the warranty should carry over to the new buyer. When you are applying for your Bike loan, then ask your lender if the warranty will carry over if you purchase the Bike. The lender can call the company to ensure that the Bike warranty will be available for you if you purchase the Bike. It is in the lenders best interest to have the warranty on the Bike and they will go that extra mile to get the warranty transferred to you if you purchase the Bike. When looking at used Bikes from a private party, then ask if they currently have a warranty on the Bike so you can get the warranty continued if you purchase it from them.

Bike Loans for Used Bikes:

It can be easier to get a Used Bike Loan by using private Bike sales. The Bike will appraise higher as when the Bike was first purchased. When a new Bike is purchased it depreciates enormously. You won’t have that depreciation on you as you will be purchasing the Bike now. A new Bike depreciates five thousand or more in just a year or two. You are automatically saving thousands of dollars by purchasing used over new and even more by purchasing from a private party over the dealers. This is an excellent way to get a better Bike is by purchasing used and from an individual.

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