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Asset finance-Home Equity Loans Australian lenders 


Asset Loans-Home Loan equity finance ask me how?

Equity based asset loans are an easy way to generate quick cash. Generally the lender secures an interest against your home or property and releases his interest when the finance is fully paid out. This allows you to access funds quickly and with very little documentation. Funds can generally be in your bank account within 24hours*

This type of funding should only be utilised as a short term solution. The lenders risk is higher and as such the lender tends to charge a higher interest rate and establishment fees. Brokers ink finance has lenders on its panel and can organise a solution to suit your requirements. We organise bank loans, credit union loans, loans for any worthwhile purchase and loans to private purchaser.


Usual funding uses:

  •  Holidays.
  •  Medical procedures.
  •  Renovations.
  •  Consolidate Debit Consolidation.
  •  Pay for veterinary .
  •  Pay for Dental.
  •  Purchase Computers.
  •  Business start up Finance
  •  Install a new Pool.
  •  New Furniture.
  •  Surgery.
  •  Caravan Finance.
  •  Shed.
  • RV’s loan.


The following types of loans can be arranged.

Asset Lease:

Asset Lease, enables the customer to have the use of their business equipment and the benefits of ownership, while the financier retains actual ownership of the equipment.

Commercial Hire Purchase:

Commercial Hire Purchase is a finance product where the customer hires their business equipment from the financier for a fixed monthly repayment over a set period of time.

 Chattel Mortgage:

Under a Chattel Mortgage the customer takes ownership of the equipment (chattel) at the time of purchase.


Brokers ink Finance:

Brokers ink finance will organise over 5 million dollars worth of motorcycle, truck loans, jet ski, yacht, caravan, camper trailer and car finance this year! Due to this volume and buying power, we can give our clients access to the best bike rates and financing products across Australia. Brokers ink finance guarantees satisfaction for all our clients. Read more about finance for your new or used purchase now.

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