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Car Loans in Adelaide South Australia, checkout our Rates now!

Our company ┬áis proud to offer car loans and car leasing options to residents in Adelaide, South Australia and the surrounding area. Here at Brokers Ink Finance we have a well-trained staff of courteous professionals who are ready to equip you with a car finance package that fits your wants, needs and personal preference. It doesn’t matter if your loan or lease is for private or business use, Brokers Ink Finance caters to individuals all around Australia, and with close connections to over 30 of Australia’s leading banks and financial institutions, you’re guaranteed to get some of the best interest rates in the country.


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Brokers Ink Finance understands the immediate need for a car or truck in such a fast-paced world, and wants to help individuals and families get on their feet and drive away with a new or used car. Whether it’s for private, business, or commercial use there’s sure to be something for everyone. If you have any special requirements, concerns or questions then the best thing to do is fill out the form found under the ENQUIRE NOW tab, where a financial specialist will give you a proper interest rate quote within 24 hours of submission.


Quick and Convenient Payment Calculator

If you’re interested in knowing what the total amount you may have to spend will be, then simply input the correct information into our instant rate quote calculator, where you can discover how much interest and weekly or monthly payments you will have to pay – this is assuming you go with our affordable default interest rate of 10%. If you already have a firm grasp on what you want, then head on over to the APPLY NOW section where you can fill out a quick 10-minute form and provide Brokers Ink Finance with all the details and specifications regarding your car loan or lease near Adelaide, South Australia. One of our financial managers will give your application a thorough analysis and contact you shortly.

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For Your Information: This calculator is provided for your use only and Brokers ink Finance will not use your name or contact details without your consent.

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